Roberto is a Brazilian name.

I will give it to her tomorrow.

He wants to go to Africa.

The children are already tired.

He is said to be rich.

They have time to spend with their families or to enjoy their hobbies.

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You are welcome to do anything you like.

It was our secret.

That took much more time than I thought it would.

Do you know what time it is?

It's not easy to speak English.

How can I contact you?

You're jealous.

Why didn't Nathan come himself?

Ahmed didn't feel like exercising.

She shouldn't have written that.

He shall go to the bank.

We're fixing it.

Has it been damaged?

Tell me your password and I'll tell you mine.

You shouldn't be here.


Raphael gave me an American doll.

I feel quite at ease among strangers.

It is regrettable that I can't go with you.

I suppose I could ask Shaw.

What is your favorite boy band?


That guy smells of garlic.

When Kemal woke up, Vistlik was taking her shower.

Do you speak the same language to your father that you speak to your mother?

You don't stand a chance.

Ramon is naked.

I'm absolutely certain that you will not be declined.

France was at war with Russia.

Miek told me you liked going to concerts.

It was a complete surprise.


It could've been us.

I'm nervous and excited.

I'll take my passport with me, just in case.

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It's your turn to read.


Kenton ignored Angus.

I'd like to hear you sing.

Toerless wiped her hands on her apron.

I take full responsibility for this.

You've got to see her.

Do you need anything in addition?

Sanjeev isn't used to being made fun of.

Everyone will accept that idea in principle.

What's your favorite treat?

I am using Twitter.

I couldn't afford it. In other words, I was too poor to buy it.

Betty has a sweet voice.

I think you did very well.


I know how busy you're likely to be tomorrow.

Cynthia usually gives Alison a goodbye kiss.

Fall from reality.

I'm not going to deny it.

She scolded her son for being lazy.


How many times do I have to explain this to you?


He looks much better now.


I entered someone else's room by mistake.


Jennie and Wayne are going to tie the knot this spring.

Alex said he thought he had forgotten something.

I can't stand being looked at like that.


It's magic.

I turned thirty last week.

It took me two hours to get to Yokohama.

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That's usually a good sign.

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I swim a lot.

He seemed to have just woken up from a dream.

Hi. How are you doing?

I almost died.

Obviously in my case it's like this.

Your car's totally wrecked.

I'm pretty sure Honzo wasn't interested.

It was a yes or no question.

I was thrown out of the house bag and baggage.


That's actually a good idea.

I have three daughters to marry off.

That's why I cannot agree with you.

My arm is killing me.

I'd like to reserve a seat.

The shit has hit the fan.

It was worth every penny.

I thought the food was too greasy.

It was really scary.


That TV station is on the air 24 hours a day.

I like taking walks in the woods.

He let me know it by telephone.

Don't step on my toes.

We all got together and bought Theo a gift certificate for his birthday.

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Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to today.

I could hear the voices of several other guests who had arrived and were already eating together in the main dinning room.

I've got my pride.

Don't leave.

The book is orange.

The nurse is ill.

Am I slipping?

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What was so funny?

I heard you enjoy going to the beach.

Out of curiosity, do you guys go to Wal-Mart?

I thought Edith might have been hurt.

Lowell likes his new car.

I'm not a beggar.

I'm at work.

You said give it to her.

They were arguing about same-sex marriage.


American Indians have a fair historical right to claim they got a raw deal from the government.

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Since it's written in easy English, even you can read that book.

Nobody is going to notice, I suppose.

You haven't mentioned cost, and I won't sign until I know the bottom line.

The snowstorm held on.

We used emergency measures to revive the cardiac arrest patient.


Who doesn't like that?

There's no need to explain.

I tried to reason with you.


They dine at seven.

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I don't want to stay here a minute longer than I have to.

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I thought I'd ask Dylan for help.

They're coming after us.

I'll offer him what help I can.


He was wearing a threadbare suit.

From any point of view, a fool is still merely a fool.

It was nice of you to come.


The sun shines brighter after the storm.

Adlai's statement is pure nonsense.

The more contact there is between people, the more misunderstandings there will be.

It would damage the corn.

It's not so far-fetched.

He will leave for the station an hour before the train leaves.

Do you go often?

I have a niece. She goes to the same school as Cathy.

I won't write a letter in English.

Who is next?

I sell clothing online.

What a beautiful sunset!

I'm really in love with you.


Did you talk to them about it?

He was nearly run over by a car.

This is the house where Cary grew up.

Who is worried about Ram?

Darren left, leaving Saumya alone with John.

Do you usually turn on the TV as soon as you get home?

Rik came to Japan eight and a half years ago with his parents.


Can I have a rain check?

Lana got up and started to walk away.

This afternoon I will study at least two hours.


Roxie plans to live in Boston for more than a year.


You're smiling.

Look at what you've done to me.

It's really stressful.


You need to accept your role.


Once I retire, I will dedicate my whole time to Tatoeba.

You can call me Kyu.

Don't forget to do your homework, OK?

If someone says "Get lost!" to you, what will you do?

The store is open from nine to six.

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We feel this is appropriate.

"I also am dead." "Dead? What are you doing at the window, then?"

That was a really silly thing to do in the circumstances.

She cherished his old love letters.

Sridharan has a son who's a senior in college.

You won't regret it.

We should've stayed till the end of the party.

There are other aspects.

The fact is I do not love her.

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It's a mixture of culture, language, and religion.